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Security system of personal compensation

All NBU students must carry an insurance policy “security system of personal compensation”, which is the damage insurance when you accidentally hurt someone or break someone’s belongings.

(Motorized two-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, and cars are not included. Students who have vehicles must carry a voluntary insurance of vehicles.)
Recently bicycle accidents occur frequently in Japan. You should carry an insurance policy because even bicycle riders might be claimed for the vast amount of compensation.

Example of being paid from an insurance policy

・While you are riding a bicycle, you accidentally crush and hurt a pedestrian.
・While you are shopping, you break items of the shop by accident.
・When the water overflows the bathtub at the apartment and leaks to a room downstairs.

premium and coverage of the insurance

premium 1,350 yen per year
Refund is possible if you wish the cancel return due to graduation
coverage of the insurance inside Japan : unlimited
outside of Japan: 100,000,000 yen
the term of insurance From August 1st to August 1st of next year
The term of insurance covers one year and is renewed every year.


all international students


Except students who carry a housing insurance policy for international students. If you are not sure whether you carry it or not, please contact the international affairs office.