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History of Nippon Bunri University

History of Nippon Bunri University

In 1955, the founder of NBU, Yukio Suga became president of Saiki Industry High School, which remains affiliated to Nippon Bunri University.
At this time Japan's economic boom was approaching a peak, and there was an urgent need for graduates ready to play an active role in the industrial world. Oita, located within the 'Setonaikai' (Inland Sea) cultural sphere, thus had a wealth of opportunities to develop as an industrial hub, both domestically, and also in the context of the wider Asian region.
Recognising these opportunities and societal needs, Yukio Suga began work on founding a college of technology that would nurture graduates with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet these needs, and contribute to the future of the Oita region and of Japan.
In 1967 Oita Institute of Technology, the precursor of Nippon Bunri University, was Ffounded in the prefectural capital, Oita City, Oita prefecture. In 1982 the Faculty of Commerce and Economics was set up, and the name of the college was changed to Nippon Bunri University in progressing to a higher-education institution formed with the intention of fostering human resources who would play an active part in the Fwide range of industries in the local area.

In January 2007, Sadayoshi Suga took up his post as the third chairperson of the board of directors of Nippon Bunri University.
In that year, the 40th anniversary of the institution's foundation, ‘Challenge 40’, a medium-term strategy for the future development of the university was drawn up. As part of this strategy, three new guiding educational philosophies were formulated: 'University-industrial collaboration', 'Ningen Ryoku' (which aims to enhance all the wider skills and competencies a student will require to make an effective contribution to society) and ‘Contribution to society and the local community’.
As we move towards the 50th anniversary of the institution's founding, aware of our duties as a private university, we will continue to strive to maintain an educational system that responds to the challenges of the 21st century, fostering graduates who take pride in being a member of society, and are eager to make a contribution to society's further development.

April 1967
Oita Institute of Technology was founded
The Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Civil Engineering, and the Department of Architecture are established in the Faculty of Engineering
The Environmental Science Research Institute was established
April 1974

The Department of Aerospace Engineering was established

April 1982
Department of Commercial Science and Department of Economics were established in the Faculty of  Commerce and Economics
The institution's name changed  to Nippon Bunri University
October 1991
NBU Information Center is completed.
April 1992
Bekka, the Japanese Language Institute was established
April 1993
The grounds for the university's  hardball baseball club were completed
January 1994
The grounds for the university's  football club were completed.
April 2002
The Department of Media Technology was established within the Faculty of Engineering.
April 2003
Department of Business and Economics was established within the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Graduate School of Engineering Studies
A Master’s course program was established by the Departments of Aeronautical, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering.
May 2003
Yukio Suga, the chairperson of the board received 3rd Class Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon Order of the Rising Sun.
October 2003
A study facility was established at  the Oita Central Prefectural Airport by the Department of
Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering.
April 2004
Graduate School of Engineering Studies
Master’s program on Environmental Information Science was established.
March 2006
The NBU Micro Flying Robot Laboratory was established.
January 2007
Sadayoshi Suga took over as the third chairperson of the Board of Governors.
May 2007
40th anniversary of the foundation
October 2008
NBU fighting song ‘BRAVE~YUKI’ was completed and released.
March 2009
NBU was certified by the Japan Institution for Higher Education Evaluation
May 2012
45th anniversary of the university's foundation
Photograph from the time of the institution's foundation The first matriculation ceremony Photograph taken when the university existed as the Oita Institute of Technology Ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the university's foundation Graduation address by Sadayoshi Suga, the chairperson of the Board of Governors