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Guiding Principles

Industry-university Collaboration

Guiding principles  of Nippon Bunri University

Four years for developing human resources with a rich sense of humanity who will be expected to serve as the backbone of Japan in forthcoming era.

University is an academic place and a place for building one's character. As well as acquiring the knowledge and skills required for one's chosen profession, the four years a student spends at university is also an opportunity to acquire the self-reliance and confidence needed to become an effective member of society.

Thus, with the basis of the university's three guiding principles, ‘Industry-university Collaboration’, 'Ningen Ryoku' and the ‘Contribution to society and the local community’, and within the replete Oita environment, NBU seeks to foster graduates who can fuse high-level knowledge in their specialist area with vocational abilities and 'ningen ryoku' to become leaders in their regional economies and societies.

Guiding principles