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The allure of OITA

Study in ‘OITA’, and immerse yourself in Japanese nature, culture, and history

Oita's city centre is about a 15 minute train ride from Ozai station, which is the nearest to NBU.  Why refresh yourself at the weekend with a trip to Oita's city centre. Let’s go out to central Oita and gain fresh energy.

The more you know about Oita the more you will fall under its spell. Enjoy the many attractions of the Oita region.


Oita prefecture, located in the eastern part of the island of Kyushu has a population of 1,180,000, and features a mild climate and suffers few of the problems with natural disasters that other regions of Japan endure. Oita prefecture claims both the largest number of onsen (hot spring) sources and the largest outflow of onsen spring water of all the prefectures in Japan.

Oita City, within which NBU is located, is the prefectural capital with a population of 480,000. Steel, petrochemical and chemical plants, as well as other industries have flourished since Oita was designated as a “New Industrial City” in the 1960s.

Many of Japan’s leading global companies, such as Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, Toshiba Corporation, Canon Inc. have their production bases in Oita City, which assumes the role of the economic hub of the East Kyushu area, with an increasing focus on neighbouring Asian countries.

April 2011 marked the 100th anniversary of the year that Oita was municipalized. NBU is located in `Ozai', a salubrious residential district that is served by a 15 minute journey from Oita city centre. by JR trains.

SPAtake it easy, and feel at ease. Oita is rich in hot springs.

There are eight hot-spring areas called collectively ‘Beppu Hatto’, which have different characteristics of spring water, and also offer appealing changes in scenery.
One of the most visited tourist destinations in Japan, that particularly attracts female visitors.

SHOPPINGHave fun in Oita in your leisure time

Park Place Oita, a large shopping mall
It is well-stocked with  fashionable clothing shops and restaurants Many NBU students  work part-time at this mall.
Tokiwa Wasada Town
Another shopping mall, featuring a range of clothes shops and restaurants

LEISUREFacilities of Oita, Fully enjoy Oita's attractions including its aquarium and amusement parks

Oita Marine Palace AquariumUMITAMAGO
Get up close and personal with a variety of sea animals and fish at   this aquarium
Kijima Kogen Park
Heaps of fun to be had at this large amusement park
This is the Sanrio Theme Park, where you can see many of Sanrio's characters including Hello Kitty.

SPORTSHow about watching sports?

SoccerOita Trinita
Oita Trinita is a professional football team playing in  the Japanese J.League, which employs several NBU alumni  including some as players.
BasketballOita Heat Devils
Oita Heat Devils is a local professional basketball team of the BJ League, which started in 2005.
VolleyballOita Miyoshi Weisse Adler
Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler is a professional volleyball team with the unique characteristic that the team's parent organization is a hospital.
It has participated V.League since 2008.

GOURMETRegional cuisine of Oita, is trying to enjoy the local taste

B-class gourmet such as fried chicken from Nakatsu, Hita fried noodles, and Beppu Reimen, noodles with cold soup are worth  sampling.

Seki Aji and Seki Saba: Branded Horse Mackerel and Mackerel
These are well known as good quality fish which are caught by pole and line fishing at the sea off the coast of Saganoseki, where the sea has a fast tidal current.
Toriten, Deep Fried Chicken
Toriten is a chicken dish in which the chicken pieces are dipped   in soy sauce mixed with the juice of the Kabosu citrus fruit, which is also one of Oita’s local products.
It is one of the representative dishes of the  cuisine of Oita.
Dango Dumpling soup
This soup features flat, wide noodles mixedp with pork and vegetables, to give a homemade-style   taste of Oita

Access to Fukuoka, the gateway to Asian Countries

Sonic, the JR express train
○About two hours between Oita and Hakata
○Prices are available from 2,500 yen for a one-way fare if purchasing a set of four   tickets
‘Toyonokuni’, the expressway bus
○Two hours and twelve minutes trip between Oita and Tenjin, Fukuoka
○Prices are available from 2,000 yen for a one-way fare if purchasing a set of  four tickets

For details, go to the official website of Oita Sightseeing Information

Oita Prefecture tourist information official site