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Address by the college president

The 7th  President of Nippon Bunri University ( a private university that is part of Bunri Gakuen)
Sadayoshi Suga

It’s been six years since the financial and economic crisis destabilized the world, and B three years since the Great East Japan Earthquake that brought a devastating disaster and deep sorrow to various regions, and society today still reverberates with issues arising from these events. The role of universities have as a higher-education institution tasked with nurturing the asset that society possesses in its younger generation is particularly important in such circumstances, with a responsibility to foster human resources that can seek ways to build a better local society while assimilating the experiences and lessons of previous generations.

NBU is guided by three education principles:‘Industry-university Collaboration’, ‘Ningen Ryoku' and ‘Contribution to society and the local community’. Against this background, while approaching the nurturing of human resources motivated by the belief that young people are an asset that supports the development of the industrial sector, which in turn helps to build a better local community, we are also promoting educational reform that places much value on the growth of the students.

`Ningen Ryoku' refers to the ability to organically connect the knowledge, skills and ambitions acquired at university through subsequent experiences within society in order to have the power to play an active and effective role in society throughout one's life.

A person's `Ningen Ryoku' is gradually honed through the experience of seeking solutions to questions that arise through one's many contacts with society and with the many value systems held by society's members.

As a consequence we regard the our domain of study to be not just within the university campus, but to encompass the whole of Oita, providing a balanced synthesis of abundant natural resources, local culture and a variety of industries against which we are developing an education program that includes awareness of the difference between generations, industries and areas of specialisation.

We are working together with the regional community and the industry in striving to create a new generation in which every young person can join hand-in-hand with their peers in exerting their 'Ningen Ryoku' and projecting their personality, and thereby play a leading role in building a better society,