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Global Camp for New NBU International Students held in Aso


Group photo of all participants "Message to international students" by Asst. Prof. TAKAMI Communication through games The challenge of cooking curry with a kamado for the first time "What we want to do is this" Taking photos with a misty Mt. Aso in the background

On the Saturday and Sunday of May 18-19, the "Global Camp for New NBU International Students" was held at the National Aso Youth Friendship Center in Aso.

A total of 107 people took part in this event, including 88 new NBU international students (65 undergrad and 23 JLI students), eight of Assistant Professor TAKAMI's seminar students, six faculty and administrative support staff, and five international student supporters. This two-day, one-night training camp was held with the aim of helping participants to learn more about, and more deeply understand, their fellow students' different cultures.

NBU Assistant Professor and Director of the Ningen-Ryoku Development Center, Daisuke TAKAMI, began the first day with an ice-breaking self-introduction activity. The students then discussed the following six themes in groups: "what are we learning for?", "what will we learn?", "what do we want you to learn and experience in Oita?", "what is a global society?", and "what are global human resources?". Before long, cultural borders were overcome in each group as students came together through teamwork to reexamine themselves and discover their partners' values systems.

Games during break time also provided further opportunities for new exchanges to take place. Participants were heard making the following comments: "It was fun to get to know everyone. The sense of power that I got during this camp through working together and overcoming cultural and language barriers was really amazing". "I'm really glad that I came - despite the drizzle. I almost don't want to go home".

After that, and in spite of the light rain, students moved to the outdoor campsite. Following a few words of advice and receiving the necessary utensils and equipment, students split up into 10 groups and made curry-rice together. They got to work cutting up the wood and managed to get a fire started with their kamado (a Japanese-style cooking stove). When it was ready, they ate their curry together in groups. Next was cleanup time. Everyone washed the pots and plates they had used and put them back just as they found them. After passing an inspection by the campsite staff, each group enjoyed the curry that somehow tasted even better than normal because they had made it together.

On the second day, students continued their work by writing on post-it notes about what they "can do", "want to do", and "should do" and attaching them onto poster paper. In groups, they then summarized ideas about what they "want to do" and "should do", which a representative from each group then presented to everyone, which resulted in some unique and funny presentations.

At the conclusion of the two-day training camp, students enjoyed some free time and took a few Instagram pictures against the magnificent backdrop of the Aso area.