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How to learn with us

Department of Aerospace Engineering

Three courses for creating your future

Course of Aerospace Design

This course is aims to foster graduates that can participate in the design and manufacture of   aircrafts and rockets.

Course of Space System

This course is designed to for those intending to pursue careers related to the field of launching satellites and space exploration.

Course of Aircraft Maintenance

This course is designed to for those intending to pursue careers  in the field of aircraft maintenance and operations

Three points that NBU can do.

For the past 11 years 100 percent of this department's graduates secured permanent employment
There is an opportunity to participate in practical on-the-job training at  developing or manufacturing companies and agencies such as JAXA, JAL, and IHI.
Tradition: the Faculty of Astronautics and Aeronautics Aerospace was established more than 40 years ago.

You will be qualified to play an active role in the following careers:

  • Aircraft mechanic
  • Air traffic controller
  • Aircraft dispatcher
  • Pilot
  • Ground handling
  • Aircraft design, Aircraft manufacturing
  • Automobile design
  • Rocket design, manufacturing, and launching
  • Aircraft engine design, manufacturing
  • Airport administrator
  • Civil Servants
  • Teachers, and so on

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