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Features of Bekka

■Bekka, the Japanese Language Institute of Nippon Bunri University

Bekka is a Japanese Language Institute in Nippon Bunri University that provides a one-year course for international students intending to study at undergraduate or graduate level at Nippon Bunri University.

■Features of Bekka, the Japanese Language Institute of Nippon Bunri University

  • Individually tailored courses to take the student from the fundamentals of the Japanese language through to practical ability.
  • Students can confirm their progress through undertaking the J-TEST each semester.
  • English and Mathematics foundation classes are also provided to prepare the students for their undergraduate studies.
  • Students can gain certified credits through certain extracurricular activities are as ‘Fieldwork’..
  • Students can also gain certified credits through certain cultural exchange activities and social contributions.
  • Short Lectures by lecturers of undergraduate courses, introducing aspects of the studies available at this level are given as special lectures.

■The benefits of studying at Bekka, the Japanese Language Institute of NBU

Bekka furnishes its students with a Japanese language foundation ( Bekka aims for its students to pass the Japanese Language Proficiency Test at level N2) and so enables students to commence undergraduate / graduate studies.

  • It is also possible to attend undergraduate lectures.
  • Under certain conditions, and on undertaking the necessary application process, it is also possible to achieve undergraduate credits while attending Bekka.
  • The students of Bekka's short term course are able to attend the intensive classes of undergraduate courses.

■Student Support System

  • Bekka supports its students to achieve their goals by creating detailed individual milestones for each student.
  • Classroom teachers give comprehensive guidance on a student's studies and also support on living in Japan.
  • ‘Japanese Support Time’ is fixed to individually treat students’ difficulties in learning Japanese.
  • Support is also provided by NBU undergraduate foreign students acting as Student Assistants.
  • International students are also offered opportunities to attend events offering cultural exchanges with the local community.


Subjects credits
1 Required Subjects Comprehensive Japanese 1 10
Comprehensive Japanese 1 10
Comprehensive Japanese 2 10
Listening Comprehension 1 2
Listening Comprehension 2 2
Practical Conversation 1 1
Practical Conversation 2 1
Writing A 1
Writing B 1
Reading Comprehension 1 2
Reading Comprehension 2 2
Grammar 1 1
Grammar 2 1
2 Optional Subjects English 1
Mathematics 1
Self-directed Learning 1
Preparation for Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1
University Class Auditing 1
3 Qualified Subjects Japanese Presentations 1 1
Japanese Presentations 1 1
Japanese Presentations 2 1
Fieldwork 1 1
Fieldwork 2 1
Extra-Curricular Activities 1
Subjects for the credited auditors Credits earned
4 Japanese Tests Certified to be awarded Credits Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1
Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1
Business Japanese Proficiency Test 1
Japanese Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students(EJU) 1
5 Special lectures offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics  

Theses lectures are not awarded credits, but those students who attend these lectures instead can receive a specific benefit: the application fee for NBU undergraduate course is reduced.