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How to learn with us

Department of Media Technologies

Three courses for creating your future

Information System Course

This course is aimed at nurturing system engineers   to meet the increasing demand for such specialists in the ICT industry.

Information Design Course

This course is  designed to foster content creators whom are expected to be  leaders in the next generation of ICT industries.

e-Business Course

This course is designed to  foster specialists in venture businesses creating new values and services within the  ICT sector.

Three points that NBU can do.

You can approach ICT through many perspectives,   and learn comprehensively and get applied skill.
After studying in this course, you will be able to select from a wide variety of careers,    from office-based to more specialist roles.
You can learn how to apply ICT ideas  to your business in a professional way.

You will be qualified to play an active role in the following careers:

  • System engineer
  • Web designer
  • Marketing advisor
  • Teacher and so on
  • Programmer
  • Computer graphics artist
  • Consultant
  • Network engineer

  • advertising artist
  • Civil servant

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