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Annual schedule for international students

The first semester


beginning of April
entrance ceremony
beginning of April
orientation for new students
2 days school trip in Yufuin
in the middle of April
1 day school trip in Aso
This school trip will be a great opportunity to get close to each students and to touch Japanese culture for the first time through Mt.Aso, one of the best sightseeing spots in Japan.


beginning of May
wisteria festival
You can experience a Japanese traditional festival at the shrine in Saganaseki.
beginning of May
welcome party for new Korean students
In order to get closer, this welcome party is held by senior Korean students. You will stay at an accommodation in Kokonoe, Oita.
in the middle of May
NBU founding day festival
Everyone in NBU, Japanese students, international students, and university staffs celebrate the founding day of NBU. You can communicate with students of different departments and nationalities.


in the middle of June
sports festival
This festival is held by local people. Last year we enjoyed golf with local people on the sunny day.


beginning of July
Japanese Speech Contest at Bekka (Japanese language institute)
You will all present the result of your Japanese ability
the end of July
Tsurusaki Kiyomasakou the 23rd night Festival
This big festival is held in Tsurusaki area, next to Ozai area where NBU is located, on July 23. As NBU sets up a booth at the festival, you can participate in it.


the end of August
Tsurusaki Bon-dance Festival
Tsurusaki bon-dance is a representative bon-dance in Oita. You will take part in the festival as dancers to learn history and culture in this area. You will master how to dance and show it at the festival wearing yukata, Japanese traditional summer clothes.

the second semester



in the middle of October
Japanese Speech Contest at Yoshikan High School
This speech contest is held at a high school in Oita city. We participate in it every year. One of the NBU international students was elected as the best speaker last year.
in the middle of October
Ichigi festival (University festival)
International students will open food stands at the festival. You can cook your own food and play traditional music such as madan, Korean music.
the end of October
Moon watching party
This party is held by local people who wish to exchange cultural differences. It will be a great chance to touch Japanese culture as you will cook curry with them and they will show you Japanese traditional dance.


in the middle of November
Oita students’ proposal festival held by University Consortium Oita
All university students and vocational college students in Oita have a Japanese speech contest and a symposium every year. Representatives of NBU international students make a speech and hold a symposium on “Oita from the view point of international students”. Last year NBU received the best speech in the Japanese speech contest.
the end of November
school trip in Kokonoe
Stroll in Yufuin
You will visit the huge bridge in Kokone and take a walk in Yufuin to experience the nature and culture of Oita.


in the middle of December
Japanese Speech Contest at Bekka(Japanese language institute)
You will all present the result of your Japanese ability.
the end of December
party of making rice crackers
You will make rice crackers with local people and experience a Japanese traditional event.


in the middle of January
Exchange fair between companies and international students
It is held by Oita prefecture and University Consortium Oita, and it is the place where you can deeply exchange your idea with companies in Oita. You can directly listen to how international students work in a company at its booth. Some students actually get a job through this fair.


Sekizaki seaside walking


graduation ceremony